Barracuda Championship

The Ultimate Fan Experience

The Official Barracuda Championship Pro-Am

July 19th, 2023


Imagine throwing the football around with Tom Brady.
Or shooting hoops with Steph Curry.
Not possible…

No other professional sporting event outside the PGA TOUR affords sponsors and their guests the opportunity to participate alongside professional athletes and enjoy world-class hospitality.

Get ready for a day complete with premium tee prize packages, gourmet culinary selections, on-course experiences and up-close, quality time with PGA TOUR pros at Tahoe Mountain Club’s Old Greenwood – a Jack Nicklaus Signature designed golf course.

Pro-Am Threesome

[3] Amateur playing positions in the Barracuda Championship Pro-Am
[3] Premium tee prize packages
[6] Invitations to the post-play awards party (hosted)
On-course food and refreshments throughout the event
Each player encouraged to bring a guest to caddy during the event and walk the golf course.

2022 Pro-Am Results

Morning Results

Ranking PGA TOUR Pros Players Score
1st Place A. Wu/Van Pelt Brad Rogers, Jeff Wilson, Kevin Goleman 43
2nd Place Schwab/Watney Joe Testino, Kris Brown, Sebastian Blanco 41
3rd Place Hojgaard/Huh Justin Moscove, Ming Fong, Jason Tolotti 40

Afternoon Results

Ranking PGA TOUR Pros Players Score
1st Place Crocker/Smotherman Erin Hintz, Thomas Carr, Dennis Walker 40
2nd Place Reavie/Walters Jaison Frazier, Mike Wilcox, Blake Roath 39
3rd Place Hoag/Noren Dustin Driggs, Tim Bolger, Aaron Scribner 39
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