Hotel Info and Things to do Around Reno/Tahoe

Hotel Info and Things to do Around Reno/Tahoe

The Reno/Tahoe area offers a plethora of activities and sights for locals and tourists alike.  If you will be visiting the Reno/Tahoe area, we encourage you to participate in the many activities available to you and to stay at any of our top of the line hotel/resort properties.

The official hotel of the Barracuda Championship:

Things to do in Reno/Tahoe

Reno Tahoe isn’t your basic vacation destination. It’s a collision of contrasts. This is where majestic mountains converge on high desert. Where wildlife meets urban grit. You can crowd surf all night and paddle board all day. Support a start-up and down a craft brew. It’s where you can see, do and be near anything, as long as you’re fueled by ambition. So, what’s first? Go to

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Visitor Information and Area Golf Courses

If you’re looking for an awesome event to attend today, this weekend or in the coming months, look no further. The Reno Tahoe Events & Festivals brochure is chock-full of hundreds of unique, exciting and memorable experiences. Click on the image to browse the brochure.

As a known golf destination featuring dozens of pristine and immaculate golf courses, the Reno/Tahoe area plays host to many spectacular options a perfect inclusion into your Barracuda Championship at Montrêux vacation. For a listing of some wonderful golfing opportunities, please click here.

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